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Monday 9th March 2015

Year 6 Science Adaptation and Interdependence
Video Clips: (click on the ones you want to view)
  1. The four Seasons.
  2. Classification - 1
  3. Classification - 2
  4. An introduction to birds of prey
  5. ‘See You, See me’.
  6. How do Ants Communicate
  8. Adapting to living in a desert

Task 1:
How have the following animals adapted to their environment.
  1. Barn Owl
  2. Tiger
  3. Ptarmigan
  4. Orang- u-tang
  5. Anaconda

Remember presentation of this work is by…
  • Heading
  • Drawing parts of the animal that have adapted to their life-style i.e. eyes, teeth etc.
  • Name of Animal
  • List of Adaptations
Task 2:

Design and make an ant colony

Monday 22nd February 2015

Micro-organisms - A look at Yeast as a micro-organism.

  • A video of Paul Hollywood making a cob loaf.
  • Designing an investigation where each group will make a cob loaf but use different amounts of yeast from each other.
  • No other factor i.e. volume and temperature of water, type and mass of flour etc will change in the investigation.
  • Weigh each uncooked loaf at the end of the proving. Although it has doubled in size, what has happened to the mass.

While the bread is 'proving'  classification of plants and animals will be examined.
  1. Write up the making of bread as a scientific investigation (using a literacy work-sheet for guidance to support correct sequencing of events in writing)
  2. Complete the test on Classification of Plants and Animals originated from previous Science SAT papers.

n.b.   1. Homework sheets - touch here

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