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Click on this title for the Morland Publication that is put on this site in full. 

 2. First Phase Phonics
Phonics teaching and learning at School is broken into 6 phases uninspiringly known as Phase 1 Phonics, Phase 2 Phonics etc. This page introduces you to the first phase of phonics learning which takes place in the Nursery and Reception classes.

Also Phonics Play and Letters and Sounds web-sites can be entered here by the click of your mouse. Try them out! 

Would you like to know hoe the Phonics Screening Check is administered?... just go to the Reading Page and click on the Check's Teacher's Guide. 


 1. Mathematical knowledge that children are expected to know and at what age.
These pages list all the mathematical skills required to be taught (and learnt) in the 2014 Curriculum. Reinforcing these skills at home would be a great advantage to a child.


Click the heading to read the 2014 Science Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Science National Curriculum.

Click on the title to visit Classification, Evolution, Micro-organisms and Separating Materials. Many links to videos and Fact Sheets as well as 'down-loadable' homework that is set for each topic.



Although not core curriculum this page gives a host of tips and videos for parents/carers and children to work together and put English, Mathematics and Science into practical use

These Were the Days of Our Lives
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