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This page gives a range of words and abbreviations (acronyms) used in Education in order to de-mystify and bring home and school closer together.

DfE - The Department for Education
The Governing body that decides the curriculum, the financing and the standards of all schools, colleges and universities in England and Wales.

OFSTED - The Office for Standards in Education
The organisation responsible for inspecting all establishments where education takes place. Inspections undertake are within very strict guidelines based on progress and attainment in Reading Writing, Grammar and Mathematics.

The Phonics Screening Check.
This check is undertaken at the end of Year 1 and children who do not make the required standard are tested again at the end of year 2. In the check the children are required to decode 40 words with no prompting from the tester. SOme words are nonsense words to check if the child can blend sounds and not say the word based on word identification. The 'pass' mark in 75%.

SATs - Standard Assessment Tests
These tests are undertaken by nearly all  pupils in Years 2, 6 and 9. Some pupils are disapplied from taking the test usually due to the fact it is not appropriate at the level they have reached. The tests at Year 6 are in Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Mathematics and Mental Mathematics. 10% of schools are selected to sit a Science SAT each year. The Year 6 SATs take place around the second or third week of May each year. The Year 2 SATs are for Year 2 pupils and they are tested in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

SENCo - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Every School has a SENCo to monitor progress and attainment and identify pupils that need extra support due to a range of disabilities and learning delays. The SENCo will then design a provision map for these pupils based on finances available from the School budget.

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